How to use Homekit with my TV

Can I control my TV with Apple’s HomeKit app on my iPhone or iPad? The answer is Yes Television manufacturers are starting to release models that support Apple HomeKit. As long as your phone or iPad is on iOS version 12.3 or newer and your TV is a model that supports Homekit then you can […]

iPhone 150MB download limit when on cellular.

Update July 2019: Apple has increased the cellular download limit from 150MB to 200MB, and with the upcoming release of iOS 13 in the fall of 2019 there will finally be an option to turn off this download limit. Imagine you find yourself on vacation and want to download the latest game or other app […]

Prevent iPhone from backing up unwanted photos to the cloud

When using an iPhone every image taken with the camera app gets automatically sent to the camera roll. All of your images are put into the same place and mixed together. I find myself taking work photos, or just photos of random objects that I only need for a short time, such as a grocery […]

iPhone Low Power Mode: A Helpful Comprehensive Guide

What is Low Power Mode on iPhone and iPad? What does it actually do? Is productivity on the device affected? Does it noticeably extend the life of the phone or iPad? Should I use it all the time? I set out to answer these questions and discover if this feature of the iPhone was worth […]