Sideclick The Best Cord Cutters Remote

In the age of cord cutting and high speed internet, streaming is quickly becoming the most common way to watch TV. For cord cutters the primary way to get content on the TV is to use a streaming box. Whether it is a Fire TV, Apple TV, Roku or another brand, the frustrating part about the streaming boxes is the remotes do not come with buttons to control the TV.

Sideclick Universal Remote

Sideclick Remotes
Sideclick Remotes

The solution? The Sideclick Universal Remote Control. This remote clips onto the side of most streaming box remotes and adds additional buttons to the streaming remote. Adding a Sideclick to your remote will add buttons to control the TV. The Sideclick has the following buttons power, volume, channels, source input and 2 additional buttons labeled A and B.

What devices are supported?

Currently the following remote brands are supported. Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, Roku, Google Nexus Player, MiBox, Nvidia Shield.

How do you program?

The Sideclick is programmed by pointing it at the manufacturer remote. When the remote is in programming mode, you select the button on the Sideclick you want programmed. Then you press the button on the manufacturer remote and it will learn that button.

The Sideclick buttons can even be programmed to control multiple devices. For example you can program most of the Sideclick buttons to control the TV but you can program the A and B extra buttons to turn on a DVD player for example.

Can you use the Sideclick as a replacement to a universal remote?

Not really, it only has 8 buttons and is primarily designed to control the TV. as stated above it can be programmed to control other devices. But if you have lots of devices in your environment such as Cable boxes, Blu-Ray players, Stereo Receivers. Then your best bet is probably to go with a good programmable remote such as the Logitech Harmony line of remotes.

Who is this attachment remote best for?

The Sideclick is targeted primary at the consumer who uses their TV and Streaming box exclusively or primarily for their TV watching. The Sideclick will eliminate the need to have 2 remotes with you one for the TV and one for the Roku or other box. However if you need one remote to control your TV, Streaming Box, Cable Box, Blu-Ray player, and Stereo Receiver. Or another large combination of devices, your best bet is a universal remote.

The main elegance of the Sideclick as compared to universal remotes, is that it attaches directly to your Roku, Apple TV remote or the like. This means you get to keep all of the native buttons and names that come with that streaming box.

Does it support all TV manufacturers?

Yes! All TV manufacturers are supported. Because the Sideclick learns from your existing TV remote it can work with any TV. As long as you have the manufacturer remote or a programmed universal remote that works with your TV you will be able to it.

How is the remote powered?

The Sideclick is powered by 2 AAA batteries and it comes with batteries in the package. A long battery life is promised in the manual but no exact timeframe is promised.

Where can I buy one?

Sideclick is sold at multiple stores. Including their website at Amazon and Best Buy.

There is a different model for each streaming device so make sure to look for the model that matches your streaming box.


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